Playtex® Gloves are the Perfect Cleaning Companion for Household Chores

Protect your hands and nails from hot water and cleaning chemicals with a set of Playtex® Gloves. Whether washing the dishes, scrubbing kitchen counters or wiping bathroom tiles, Playtex® Gloves will protect your hands from your daily cleaning projects. Pick your favorite color from our fun array of color options.

Protect Hands with a Pair of
Playtex® Gloves

Protect your hands during dishwashing and other household chores with these premium multi-purpose cleaning gloves. Experience a perfect fit each and every time with complete comfort.

Comfortable, flexible hand protection for everyday household chores. Reusable, multi-purpose cleaning gloves protect hands from harsh chemicals and hot water and are designed for excellent fit, feel and comfort.

Protect Hands with Multi-Purpose Gloves

Multi-purpose gloves are the perfect cleaning accessory to tackle any and all household messes. Created with comfort in mind, Playtex® Gloves offer an enhanced grip so you can tackle any mess.

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