6 Football Season Recipes for the Family

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The month of September brings with it back-to-school season, cooler temperatures and one of America’s favorite past times, football! Whether you and your family decide to tailgate at the game or couch gate from the friendly confines of your very own living room, you’ll need some football food to get you through all of those doubleheaders. Here are six football season recipes for the entire family.

#1 Bacon Three Ways

Bacon Three Ways

What’s better than bacon? Bacon three ways! If you and your family enjoy eating bacon then you will absolutely love these recipes for bacon including Bacon Burger Bites, Bacon Poppers and Bacon Hearts. You can even get creative and try and shape the bacon slices into your team’s mascot. Go team go!


#2 All-Day Aebleskiver

All-Day Aebleskiver

One of the best parts about football season is watching games all day long. Let’s not forget the pre-game, the actual game and then the post-game coverage. This means you and your family are going to need a recipe that gets you through the entire day. These tasty pancakes puff are perfect for any meal any time of day. The best part is they are completely customizable. Fill with your favorite fruit filling or jams and jellies. These All-Day Aebleskivers are sure to be a total touchdown.


#3 Donut Wall

Donut Wall

Everyone enjoys a sweet treat, so channel your culinary creativity and construct a one of a kind donut wall. When choosing frosting colors and flavors, be sure to include your team’s colors as well as the opposing team’s colors so all of your family members and guests are all represented. Game on.


#4 Jalapeño Dip

Jalapeño Dip

Nothing says football than a bowl of homemade jalapeño dip. Made with melted cheese and fresh ingredients like jalapeno slices, bacon bites and a touch of cilantro, jalapeno dip is perfect on pretzels, tortilla chips or vegetable slices. 


#5 Movie Watching Mix

Movie Watching Mix

Movie Watching Mix is made for more than the movies and is the perfect quick and easy snack for game day. This crunchy, tangy snack with a little kick of spice is great for a family football day indoors or tailgating at the big game.

Tip: For an added touch of sweetness, drizzle your homemade mixture with honey or maple syrup. You can even add in a handful of your favorite chocolate chips.


#6 Pancakes Three Ways

Pancakes 3 Ways

Pancakes are a great way to start off game day. Whether your family enjoys pancakes sweet or savory, we have three variations that will be sure to satisfy your entire team’s taste buds. Enjoy Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes, Bacon Pancakes or Pancakes on the Go, this recipe for Pancakes Three Ways is better than a two-point conversion.

No matter which one of these recipes you make on game day, your family, friends, neighbors and guests will be sure to love these football recipes. Now the biggest decision is which recipe to make. Why make just one when you can make all six! Don’t forget to use your favorite O-Cedar® products after all of your baking and cooking for the ultimate clean. 

Looking for some cleaning tips so you can quickly clean up after hosting a football party with family and friends? Check out our go-to guide here.

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