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Animals are a true delight to have in your home, but sometimes they can also bring a little messiness. It’s easy to keep your home clean and smelling fresh with a few simple steps. If you’re having trouble managing all of the hair, grime, and odors that come with having your furry loved ones, don’t fret! Here are some pet cleaning tips & tricks from our team that will help you keep your home spot and odor-free.

Pet Cleaning Tips

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Not all pet messes are predictable. Whether it’s raining outside and your dog brings in mud, or your cat tracks tiny pieces of litter onto your carpet, with the right products, you can always be prepared for anything. Some tips on how to do this are:

1. Set up a cleaning station

Create a station with your favorite cleaning tools next to your home’s entrance/exit so you can stop outside debris and odors from coming in with your pet. You may also find that additional cleaning stations are needed and convenient in other areas of your home so you can grab a sponge or spray quickly. Some great things to include in your cleaning station are:

  • Microfiber cloths to wipe your pet’s paws after walks, play, or potty time in the rain, etc. See our Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Kit!
  • A broom and wastebasket to quickly sweep up and dispose of dirt (cat owners tend to keep a small one close to litter boxes).
  • A stain remover spray and sponges to quickly address accidents.
  • Reusable or disposable gloves to protect your hands.

2. Get some sturdy sponges

With all of the little messes pets tend to leave behind, sponges are a necessity. Save yourself extra work by getting sponges that will last and do the job well. A Scrunge® Multi-Use Sponge or a Scrunge® Heavy Duty Sponge will easily clean up  small spills on surfaces, food bowls, and cages. These specific sponges will not only completely clean away the grime, but they’re also odor resistant too!

3. Find yourself a long-lasting lint roller

Lint rollers are a heavy shedding pet owners’ best friend because they are the easiest way to pick up lint and hair from pretty much any surface. Keep your furniture, clothing, and other fur-collecting surfaces free of hair with an easy-peel lint roller.

Pet Cleaning Tricks

Ok, those are some good tips, but what do we have in our bag of tricks? 

1. Use a broom that is made specifically for cleaning up after pets

For a thorough sweep, we recommend the PowerCorner Pet Pro Broom & Step-On Dust Pan. This broom is specifically designed to tackle corners and clean up pet hair in a single sweep! The set includes a step-on dustpan with cleaning combs that allow you to remove remove 3x more hair compared to the standard dust pan and the broom bristles are made from 80% recycled materials.

2. Keep cleaning quick and simple with a spray mop

The ProMist® MAX Microfiber Spray Mop is perfect for a quick clean up on small spills and accidents. The double-sided microfiber pad removes 99% of bacteria with just water, so you can keep your floors clean while protecting your pets from harsh chemicals.

3. Looking for a different mop option for bigger messes?

Another great and effective mop is the EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System which features a deep-cleaning microfiber mop head to tackle those bigger messes. It’s designed with a foot activated pedal for hands-free wringing, so you can keep your hands away from the mess and save them for belly scratches.

More Tips From Pet-Parents At O-Cedar

I use the Scrunge Multi-Use sponge to scrub the bottom of my bird’s cage after removing her bedding, and Scrunge Heavy Duty sponge to scrub her perches because she’s the messiest,”  –  Carlise H., Jr. Trade Marketing Manager.

 “The Pet Pro broom is the broom I didn’t know I needed!”  –  Grace G., Brand Ambassador Representative.

“I made a DIY anti-chew spray out of apple cider vinegar (2 cups) and white vinegar (1 cup) and it actually works! My dog stopped chewing on the corners of my coffee table.”  –  Milton T., Assoc. Brand Manager.

“I love using microfiber cloths to dry off my dog when he comes in from the yard. They soak up the water on his coat super quick. I also use them to clean his paws when they are dirty/muddy. Much better than paper towels!”  –  Allyson M., Sr. Trade Marketing Manager.

Keep Your Home Clean & Sparkling with O-Cedar

When it comes to cleaning your home, there is no mess that O-Cedar’s selection of tools can’t address. Keep pet cleaning easy and your home sparkling with our dependable and efficient cleaning solutions!

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