3D Smart Mop Refill

The O-Cedar® 3D Smart Mop with revolutionary 3D Smart Fiber zones perfectly cleans your floors with ease. This lightweight mop features unique 3D smart fiber zones that trap dirt and hair. Ideal for floors with stubborn dust and dirt.

  • All Hard Surfaces All Hard Surfaces
  • Reusable Reusable
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  • Red non-scratch spot eraser removes tougher dirt and stains
  • Dark blue microfiber zone removes greasy dirt
  • Super absorbent inner strips absorb water easily
  • Machine washable
  • Pairs great with the Quick Wring Bucket
  • Compatible with the 3D Smart Mop

Machine or hand wash in warm water. Lay flat to dry. For best results, change refill every 3-6 months.

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